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Configuring the Wireguard Client on a Smartphone

After you have completed your purchase you will find a zip file containing your wireguard config files in the documents section of the client portal.
Download the zip file to your device and extract the config files.
It will contain the configuration files for 8 devices. You can only use a single configuration file for one device at a time.
If you use a configuration file on multiple devices at the same time they will all fail to connect.

Configuring the Wireguard Client on Android or IOS is basically the same.

Start by installing the wireguard app to your device from your devices app store.

Open the Wireguard Client app and click on the blue +.

Next click import from file or archive, then select the config file you want to add.

Next turn on the toggle switch to connect to the VPN, you will see a security key at the top when connected.